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Albert Einstein " Salute to him and his Remarkable Scientific Work."

Born: 14 March 1879 Ulm, in Württemberg, Germany
Fathers Name:
Mothers name: Pauline
Died: 18 April 1955 (aged 76) Princeton, New Jersey

Albert Einstein was born in small city 'Ulm' in Germany on
14th march 1879. He could not show the expected progress as per his physical age.He could not even talk up to 3 yrs of his age and hence he was supposed to be dull. He learned violin at the age of six and took lessons of violin from a teacher.

Albert's father was businessman . His business was to sell electrical parts. When Albert was taking his primary education in Germany, his father leaved Germany due to loss in business and went to Italy. Albert lived in Germany up to the age of sixteen. During his stay in Germany ,he did not not like the German educational pattern. Even he did not like the German social structure. He always hated Germany. There were no individual freedom in Germany. According to Germany rule, every one has to join military compulsory at the age of seventeen. Due to this, he left Germany and went to Italy. He completed his school education in Italy. Further he joined 'Swiss Federal Institute of Technology'. Albert completed his graduation in 1900 with good marks. While learning in Switzerland, he got married with Hengerian girl named 'Mileva Merick' who was learning in his class. But he took divorce from her in 1919 leaving behind two sons and one daughter.He re-married in the same year but his second wife died in 1936.

It was essential for him to join service at any cost due to bad financial condition of his father. He joined as technical clerk in patent office in Bern city after two years struggle. In his office he used to study physics after completing his routine work. During his service in petent office, he submitted a research paper to 'Zurich University' and was awarded PhD.D.in 1905.

Einstein published the following four scientific research papers.

1) Theory of Relativity.
2) Brownian Theory of Motion.
3) Mass-Energy Relation E=mc^2.
4) Photoelectric Effect.

Einstein was awarded Noble Prize for the discovery of Photoelectric effect in 1921.The famous mass-energy relation E=mc^2 has supplied the basic principle for the production of 'Atom bomb'. Further we worked as Director of 'Kaiser William Institute of Physics' from 1914 to 1933. He left Germany in the year 1933 and joined as professor in Institute for Advanced Study in Prinstein(America). He retired from this institute in 1945.

He publish near about 300 research papers through out his lifetime. American President immediately started 'Man-Hatton Yojana' to make atom bomb on the suggestion of Einstein. Actually he was in opposition to make the direct use of atom bomb, but only to teach lesson to the Germany. He felt very guilty after hearing the news of bombarding the atom bombs on the city 'Hiroshima' and 'Nagasaki'

He worked for the welfare of human being after his retirement. He died on 18th April 1955 in America.


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