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Yuvraj Singh -"Lion of Punjab"

Birth:- 12 December 1981
Mother's Name:- Shabnam Singh
Father's Name:- Yograj Singh

         Yuvraj Singh famously known as Yuvi, has became the backbone of Indian Cricket Middle order. He became an overnight star when at the 2007 World T20 against England he hit six sixes in a single over of Stuart Broad, which was a rare feat in  International Cricket.
           He born on 12th december 1981. He belongs to a sikh family. His father Yograj Singh a Indian former cricketer and a punjabi movie star. His mother Shabnam Singh. He has a brother, name zoravar
Singh. But Yograj and Shabnam divorced years ago. And Yuvraj choosing to stay with his mother.
           Yuvraj acted in two punjabi films as a boy. Once during shooting an action sequence, he was running after a local train and the another man, who was trying to board the train, landed up tripping him and yuvi fell between the train and the platform and on the tracks. His head was inches from the tracks. But one of the
crew member reacted swiftly and skilfully and pulled him out before anything more untoward could occure.   
          He studied in DAV Public School in Chandigarh, his maximum attendance was at the cricket pitch rather than the class room. His lucky number is 12, cause 12th December his birthdate. He says December is a wonderful time of the year in Chandigarh and the chilly winter always returns sevral fond memories of all  the years he spent there.
           When he was around 7 years old, he forced to his mother for a bicycle. But she put it off as long as she could. Due to his stubborn behaviour finally he got a new bicycle. For the first time he took his new bicycle on the road and drove straight into rickshaw and ended up with 10 stitches. When he was young. One of his friend lay his hand on an air gun and his friends were goofing around with it not knowing how it 
works. Yuvi decided to take matters into his own hands and make sure it worked. Unfortunately, he did too much and it worked so well that accidentlly handed up shooting his friend in the stomach. Thankfully it was a minor injury.
           Tennis and roller skating were among Yuvi's favourite sports during his childhood and he was quite good at both. He won the National U-14 Roller Skating Championship. His father threw away the medal and told him to forget skating and concentrate on cricket. He would take Yuvi training everyday. Yuvi's international cricket carrer started in 2003. He became famous as a all rounder player. His batting style is left handed.Yuvi hit six sixes in a single over of Stuart Broad.

            At first Yuvi's name joins with Kim Sharma than Deepika Padukone. Dhoni romancing with Deepika has taken a twist. The story has switched to Yuvraj Singh. Yuvi-Deepika affair seems to be on cards . Well, the story of Yuvi's reunion with Kim Sharma was doing the rounds but that looked unlikely. Now it turn of Karishma, Telugu film actress and model. They both like to spend time with each other.
           During World Cup he was coughing and vomating all through the tournament. But he thought it was just the stress. After all, he finally went to see a doctor, there come the shocking news that he was battling lung cancer. In 2011 he was diagnosed with a cancer and underwent chemotherapy treatment at the Cancer Research Institute in Boston, USA as well in Indianapolis, Indiana for medicine facilities. In March 2012. Yuvi was discharged from hospital after completing chemotheropy treatment and returned to india in April.
          He was conferred with Arjuna Award 2012, India's second highest sporting award by the President Pranab Mukherjee. After his complete recovery from lung cancer, he decided to comeback in cricket.
so he started exersise to increase his stamina. And his effort do well. The selectors picked Yuvraj Singh to be a part of 15-member Indian squad for the World Twenty20 in Sri lanka from sept 18, 2012.
          He made his comeback against New Zealand in a T20 at Chennai where he scored 34 off 26 balls. He got selected to the Test series against England at home, and while preparing for test, he played a single Duleep Trophy match against Central Zone at Hyderabad where he scored 208 off 241 balls. Then he also starred in a first class match against England as a member of India A cricket team, where he scored 59, and took 5/94 at Brabourne Stadium in Mumbai.
         We all wish him a great success n healthy life ahead. He will be there for our Team. Go Yuvi go...

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