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"Maharana Pratap Mewar's Greatest Hero"

Born: May 9, 1540 in Kumbhalgarh, Rajasthan
Father's Name: Maharana Udai Singh II
Mother's Name: Rani Jeevant Kanwar
Died: January 29, 1597 in Chavand

Maharana Pratap was born on May 9th 1540 in Kumbhalgarh,
Rajasthan.His father n mother was Maharana Uday Singh II
and Rani Jeevant Kanwar. Maharana Uday Singh II was ruled
the kingdom of Mewar, with the capital Chittor. Among 24 children
Pratop was Eldest n hence given the title 'Crown Prince' .
He was 54th ruler of Mewar.

In 1567, when Crown Prince Pratap Singh was only 27 yrs,
Chittor was surroundedby the Mughal forces of Emperor Akbar.
The young Pratap Singh wanted to stay and fight
with the Mughals but the elders intervened and convinced
him to leave Chittor. So Maharana Uday Singh II moved his family
to Gogunda.

In Gogunda, Maharana Uday Singh II set up his temporary government.
But in 1572, Maharana Uday Singh II passed away hence the Crown Prince
Pratap become Maharana.

The year was 1572, Pratap Singh had just become the Maharana
of Mewar and he had not been back in Chittor since 1567, so long time.
The pain of his father's death, and the that his father had not been
able to see Chittor again. Akbar had control of Chittor
but not the kingdom of Mewar. So long as the people of Mewar
swore by their Maharana. Akbar could not realize his ambition of
being the 'Jahanpanah of Hindustan'.

In 1573, Akbar sents six diplomatic missions to Mewar,
to get Rana Pratap to agree to gave his kingdom to Akbar for controlling.
But Maharana Pratap was dissagreed. Then Akbar sents
Raja Man Singh
who was Brother-in-law of Akbar.
Maharana Pratap, angered that his fellow Rajput was aligned
with someone who had forced the submission of all Rajputs,
refused to sup with Raja Man Singh. Akbar understood that
Maharana Pratap would never submit and he would have to use
his troops against Mewar.

Akbar then tried to turn the people of the all-important Chittor
district against their king so they would not help Pratap. Akbar
appointed Kunwar Sagar Singh, a younger brother of Pratap,
to rule the conquered territory. Sagar, regretting his own treachery,
soon returned from Chittor, and committed suicide with a dagger in
the Mughal Court. Then Shakti Singh ,the younger brother of Pratap
now with Mugals army and warned his brother Pratap of Akbar's actions.

In 1576, the famous 'Battle of Haldighati' was fought with 20,000
Rajputs against a Mughal army of 80,000. Mughal army was commanded
by Raja Man Singh. The battle was agreesive, not conclusive, to the mughal's
army surprise greatly. Maharana Pratap's army was not defeated but was
surrounded by Mughal soldiers. But it was said that, Maharana Pratap's
life was saved by his estranged brother, Shakti Singh. During this war
Maharana Pratap's famous, and loyal, horse Chetak, who gave up his life
trying to save his Maharana.

After this war, Akbar tried several times to take over Mewar, failing each time.
Maharana Pratap himself was keeping up his quest for taking Chittor back.
However, the relentless attacks of the Mughal army had left his army weaker,
and he barely had enough money to keep it going. It is said that at this time,
one of his ministers, Bhama Shah, came and offered him all this wealth -
a sum enabling Maharana Pratap to support an army of 25,000 for 12 years.
It is said that before this generous gift from Bhama Shah, Maharana Pratap,
anguished at the state of his subjects, was beginning to lose his spirit in fighting Akbar.

In January 1597, Rana Pratap Singh I, Mewar's greatest hero, was seriously
injuredin a hunting accident. He left his body at Chavand, aged 56,
on January 29, 1597.He died fighting for his nation, for his people,
and most importantly for his honor.

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